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Fill out the Membership Form and make payment for the cover as per our quotation: MPESA paybill 822430, Account Number: CAR REGISTRATION NO., BANK RTGS(Bank Details available on request)

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Does INFAMA membership cover the vehicle or the driver?

INFAMA LADY, Rescue24, Yellow, Blue, Family and insure assist membership is vehicle based and services will be offered to registered vehicle(s) only. If your friends or family use the car they too are covered for road rescue only in the event they require assistance. Medical Emergency Rescue applies to pricipal members only. Gold and silver membership - Personal Membership(s) services ar available to members only on presentation of membership photo card. Membership is personal and services are offered to member(s) while driving or traveling as a passenger in any vehicle upto 2.5 tons exclusing the P.S.V and the general cartage vehicles.


24 Hour Car breakdown rescue

battery jump-start
Flat tyre change(repair of tyres is at members cost)
Locked key retrival.
Fuel delivery(Cost of fuel borne by member)
Mechanical and Electricla first aid
24 hour towing and recovery
Unlimited towing and recovery with use of specialised hydraulic lift truck within the service area where the vehicle cannot move by its own power.
NOTE: We do not repair members vehicle

When does my INFAMA Road Rescue Membership take effect?

Cover commences 48 hours after the first initial payment is paid in full and membership form and direct debit form are completed and duly signed. If payment is made on Saturday, membership will be activated within 48 Hours

24 Hour Accident Rescue:

Reporting and assisting with police and third parties at accident scene. Collection of insurance and contact details at the scene. Towing and recovery if vehicle cannot move. Police abstract follow-up. Ambulance for principle member at the scene in case of injury. Relay urgent messages to next of kin and colleagues. 24 Hour Towing Coordination of Medical Emergency response in the event of injuries sustained from accidents. Subject to Service Provider Terms and Conditions.

Does the INFAMA Response Team carry fuel, batteries and incur fuel cost in case of delivery?

The INFAMA Response Team will purchase fuel at the member’s cost and does not replace the battery; instead the member will be referred to a dealer i.e. Chloride Exide for purchase at a members’ discount.

24 Hour Post Theft Assistance:

Assist with reporting to the police after a car theft. Transportation from scene abandonment to one destination of choice and ambulance for principle member in case of injury. Towing and recovery if vehicle is recovered & cannot move. Advice on police procedures in obtaining an abstract. Relay urgent messages to family and colleagues.

What happens if I break down and require assistance?

Simply call the 24-hour help line and INFAMA Response Managers will begin the rescue process, after confirming validity of membership details, the Response Manager will confirm the exact location of your vehicle and will dispatch a Road rescue vehicle to the scene as is required. When I call for a Rescue how long will I have to wait before help arrives? The average call out time is between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the location of the member from the Central Business district and movement of traffic at that time.